about us

Our specialty is the production of the most significant elements in the interior design and creation of small glass works of art from them.

We use fusing glass and laminated glass in completely new author's designs which pleasing the eye with so-far unprecedented applications.

Have you encountered so-far colourful glass walls or bar and reception tops or even kitchen table tops? Every day Baranska design proves that such courageous solutions find the application in large monumental facilities and kitchens in small flats. As a matter of fact, not only in the kitchens – design artistic lamps improve the decor of each bedroom or living room.

About the studio

Our glass studio has very large production capacity, and therefore we guarantee the timely execution of order and while considering all Customer's notes. Our many-years’ experience allows us to adjust certain solutions to individual needs effectively, which is confirmed by awards gained by us in such exhibitions as Elle Deco, All On Design or Dobry Wzór.


We realise our own concepts but also we try to implement the others' ideas. Therefore, we invite talented architects, interior designers, as well as developers and private investors for cooperation. Together we will gain natural beauty out of artistic glass which gives huge decoration possibilities.


Edyta Baranska Design

Aleja Niepodległości 646
81-854 Sopot


Mon - Fri
9 AM - 5 PM