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"Wings of freedom" artistic glass sculpture - Gdansk Airport

Fused, laminated and frosted glass were combined to create one of the largest glass sculptures in Europe. A steel frame holds this four tonne, six meter wide structure together. Independent lighting illuminates it from the inside exposing the raw beauty of the material.

artistic glass

artistic glass

„Sea Flowers” light installation - Hilton Gdansk.

This chandelier spans over seven meters in length and fifteen in height. It consists of 22000 handmade glass petals woven onto a nine kilometer long webbing of fibre optics. At night the installation floods the lobby below with a wave of light that oscilates in the RGB color spectrum.

A Glass Tale

We have just finished working on a special project by Dorota Wnuczyńska, which is a modern square at Sobieski Street in Wejherowo. The main element is the fountain that takes you for a moment to the world of The Little Prince straight from the tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Glass circles and bowls made by Barańska Design Studio look like soap bubbles, and their structure and colors are particularly accentuated at night, thanks to proper lighting. Glass has no secrets for us.

artistic glass

artistic glass

Glass fountain

Renovation of the Kosciuszko Square Fountain - Gdynia.

Artistic glass can be used as a mosaic of small, irregular elements. The colors relate to the modernist character of the architecture in Gdynia.

artistic glass

Pracownia szkła Barańska Design

Glass sculptures

Sculptures made from artistic glass.


Glass statuettes

Statuettes made from artistic glass

design lamps

Pracownia szkła Barańska Design

New interior of the Maritime Agency in Gdynia

Hotel Savoda

pracownia szkła

Pracownia szkła Barańska Design

Hotel Sopot ****


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