Pendant lamp Lili

Our new pendant lamp Lili made ​​of hand- formed glass, used energy saving light bulbs. Ideal for the kitchen or as a reception lighting.

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Pendant Lamp IRIS

The pendant lamp IRIS was created while working on a project of sculpture depicting a dancing woman that, accidentally reversed, created a lamp shade.

Iris can be used ad a modular lamp above reception desks or kitchen counter tops in sets of 2, 3, 5 or more elements. It can also be combined with Lili lamp with the use of different colors of electrical cables. Accessories are typical for incandescent light bulbs or LEDs.

FOG – Designer Lamp

An assemblage of extensively bent, irregular panes of glass. The standard is a five layer version with an LED module that produces 5000 lumens. The amount of glass layers and light source can be adjusted, meaning that FOG will still look stunning in a smaller room.

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Light installation – Hilton Gdansk.

More than 6000 glass petals tinkle above the reception desk. The petals are suspended on fiber optics, but additional POWER LED’s are employed in order to achieve sufficient light on the counter top.

Wave Lamp - best product of 2014

Wave is a hanging lamp made of artistic, hand-formed glass with a LED OSRAM 5000 lumens module. The prototype alone has been awarded The Best Design at the All On Design Fair in Warsaw in 2014.

The idea of the designer was to create a glass element imitating a light, ethereal fabric, an unusual efect for pane of glass. A great reception of the lamp in Milan and London resulted in the expansion of the collection to a floor lamp, a wall scone and modular system that allows the lighting of reception rooms, offices, conference rooms and other large rooms.

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Floor Lamp Breeze

Our lamps called Breeze are equipped with LED modules and covers made of artistic glass. They are available with a steel or wooden frame in the following dimensions: 120, 150 or 180 cm of height.

Interior Lighting

Glass interior lighting

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